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Contact our Game Director for availability and rates. 

Virtual Game Shows

A collection of fun, team-oriented games that can be played from absolutely anywhere. 

The games are played via Zoom, booked in one-hour time slots. 

The one-hour slot includes a welcome, instructions, and gameplay. 

Games accommodate four players per round on the small end, up to x100 players on the high end. 


Below are brief descriptions of our Virtual

Game Shows. Follow the links for detailed explanations of each game, including video demos!



Versus is a full participation game. Every member of your team will be involved with every round. There is no writing and no buzzing in. Players simply speak into their microphones. Play with the camera on or off. 

Quiz Show
Quiz Show

Quiz plays just like its famous cousin Jeopardy. Accommodating up to x10 players or up to x10 teams (100 players) Quiz Show is great for small and big crowds. With a special web app, player's phones become buzzers. Be the first to buzz in to pick the category and question value. Get it right and gain that many points. Get it wrong and lose points. 

The Big Pyramid

The classic word association game. Get your partner to guess 7 words but you can't say the word or "rhymes with". The Big Pyramid plays just as well virtually as it does live. 

Fun Trivia Games

Virtual or live, our trivia can be played from anywhere with any size crowd, 5-5,000. We have a huge library of trivia sets, multiple styles of play, and a one-click sign-in process. No email required. The trivia game can be completely branded to your style guidelines and custom question sets are available upon request. 

Game Show Events
20 Second Challenge

This game is what happens when you combine the Big Wheel form The Price is Right with Minute To Win It, except you only get 20 seconds. 

Spin the wheel and complete the challenge. The faster you complete it, the more points you get. 

Take A Chance

This is one is inspired by the classic chance game, Press Your Luck. Instead of "No Whammies, no whammies", you want to steer clear of Captian Jack. Land on Jack and you lose all your gold. 

The Feud

The Feud looks and plays very much like the 1970s edition. Two teams of 3-6 players try to "guess the most popular answer". Your team fills out the survey questions in advance so answers reflect your team culture. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 5.13.13 PM.png
Crowd Scavenger Hunt

Two teams meet and race to finish 10 challenges. 

Five sets of 10 challenges can be played with very little reset. Additional sets beyond the five require a 15-minute turnover. 

All challenges can be done at home/office. 

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