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A few years ago I watched as two of Seattle's best corporate event emcees go toe to toe. Both were hilarious and engrossing, the twenty-ish guests playing were having a blast, the other thousand guests had no idea what they were missing. This got me thinking about how I could provide these two an 'at capacity' crowd every single show, and then it hit me. If there are only five seats its easy to sell out and the five people in those seats are likely eager to play along. So I set out to devise different entertainment experiences that could be limited to very small crowds, could be played anywhere, and did not require a list of riders to be honored by clients. 


The first such experience was Reindeer Games. I took the popular Minute To Win It game format, reduced it to games that could fit in a backpack, and be played at a cocktail table. The game sold like hotcakes. 

The next holiday season I came up with Traveling Trivia, now marketed as Traveling Game Show. The idea behind both is simple. Not everyone at a party wants to be entertained the exact same way, if at all, or at the exact same time. To reach more guests, it's sometimes better to engage with a few at a time. Don't get me wrong. I love the big stage show. But I have found it's just as impactful to engage with 5-6 guests as it is to stop everything and ask the crowd to only focus on me. 

And it's cheaper!

Shhhhh. Don't tell my boss that.

"This is not just trivia, this is interactive entertainment at its finest."

Zoltan Szabadi, Googler

"Virtual Trivia was a great addition to our slate of events. The whole set up was easy and extremely user friendly. 
I Would highly recommend."

Mary Ellen,

Sr. Event Planner- Seattle, WA

"Jimmie G was the best! Great sense of humor, lots of patience... He was on wonderful host!"


Executive Assistant, Seattle, WA

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