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Trivia games can be played in several different formats, be entirely or partially customized, and can be fully branded. Below are just a few examples of categories.

  • Presidential Losers: Name the presidential candidate that lost. 

  • Surnames: Match the last names of movie/tv characters to the movie/tv show.

  • Movies, TV, Music, Decade Specific, Science, Languages, Math, History, and Herstory. 

  • Don't Be Scrurred! Guess the phobia. 

  • Famous Chris': Guess the famous Chris

  • What the Flock?! Guess the animal plural. 

We have a large collection of trivia games. Guests see the question within the web meeting interface, Zoom is preferred, and answer the questions through a custom app via phone or tablet.

The scoring app tracks scores for individuals or teams. The app displays how the group answered collectively and has a leaderboard! We can even carry over scores from one game to the next, perfect for multi-day events.


Groups up to 100 can play at the standard rate but we can accommodate thousands of players if needed.

Standard Trivia: 20-50 questions. The faster you answer the more points you get. Answer wrong and points standstill, no points are taken away. 

Aggressive: Lose points for answering incorrectly. 

Survivor: Answer wrong and you are out of the game, sort of. You can still answer but you do not receive points. Stick around, you may still have the most points if everyone gets eliminated. 

Cumulative Play: Link several games together to be played back to back or over a few days. Each new game is scored as a stand-alone game AND a cumulative score of all games played.


Team Play: Pre-assign players to teams. Players score as individuals and as teams. 

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