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The Big Pyramid

The Big Pyramid

The Big Pyramid

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The Big Pyramid Show is the classic word association game. 

Two teams of two compete to see who has the best word association skills. The team with the most points after three rounds wins.

Watch the video for a complete walkthrough of gameplay. 

Participation Count: Two teams of two. One partner reads the clues, the other partner guesses. For the next round, the partners switch roles and for round three the partners choose who reads and who guesses. 

Duration: 60 minutes including welcome, instructions, and gameplay.

One round is six categories and lasts approximately 5 minutes. 

Large Group Play: Although Big Pyramid accommodates four players at a time, it is easy to cycle in teams of four every round. This is the exact gameplay at live events, crowds gather to watch, with teams stepping in to play when they can. This approach is especially good for players building the confidence to get in front of a crowd. 

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