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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Teams of 5-6 players have one hour to complete as many challenges as possible. All challenges are designed so that complete team participation is needed to gain points! Some challenges are easy and can be done in just a few minutes, others take more time and are awarded more points.


The varying points and difficulty add a layer of strategy to the came. Teams must decide to use up more time on a few big point challenges, or go for quantity. 

Mystery Challenges: 2-5 Challenges do not have instructions. At some point during the game, one of our game hosts will pop into a Breakout Room and offer teams a chance at huge points, however, the challenge will not be revealed until the team says Yes, or No. Yes, and the challenge is revealed. No, the Game Hosts bids the team good luck and moves on. 

The game begins with a welcome by one of our game hosts and instructions for gameplay. 

Players are randomly assigned to teams and then sent to breakout rooms to meet and name their team. 

A one hour (ish) clock is set. 

Challenges are photo or video-based which provides a significant amount of Insta worthy assets. 

Highlight Reels can be commissioned for an additional fee. 

Awards Party: Schedule a Happy Hour 4-5 hours post Scavenger where the highlight reel can be view by everyone. To make it even more spectacular we can make 3-4 highlights reels centered around specific challenges. Then your people can vote for their favorites. The winning teams will get bonus points!

Rock Star: The whole team lip-synchs to a song.

Complete challenges and get points for being awesome. 

Serenade: Sing to a team member. 

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