Versus is a full participation game. Every member of your team will be involved with every round. There is no writing and no buzzing in. Players simply speak into their microphones. Play with the camera on or off. 

Versus pits two teams against one another in a race to acquire four trophies. Win a round and your team wins a trophy. 

Versus is four games in one. 


Name 3: Played just like Five Second Rule. Players have 5 seconds to Name 3 things in a given category. The faster you answer, the more points you get.  

Movie Time: Plot summary game. Two players from each team. Player 1 is given a movie title and tries to get Player 2 to guess it without saying the title or mentioning any characters from the movie. 

Just Say: Word association game. Two players from each team. Player 1 tries to get Player 2 to guess as many words as possible in 30 seconds. But they can't say the word or rhymes with. 

Ten 2 Win: One player from both teams must answer 10 questions but you can't answer with Yes, No, or a one-word response. Easy right? Nope!

Quiz Show

Add your company or event logo to the show opening. Custom questions can be added to reflect your event, training session, or messaging. 

Quiz Show is a Jeopardy-style game show. 10 players or ten teams can play at the same time. 

Using a web-based app, players' cell phones become buzzers. The first player to buzz in gets to answer the question. Get it right and win points. Get the question wrong and you go back the value of the question. 

Team Play: The first person to buzz in answers for the whole team. 

Typically, two rounds of questions can be played in one hour. 

The Big Pyramid

The Big Pyramid Show is the classic word association game. 

Two teams of two compete to see who has the best word association skills. The team with the most points after three rounds wins. 

Watch the video for a complete walkthrough of gameplay. 

20 Second Challenge

20 Second Challenge ​

This is the big wheel from Price is Right meets Minute To Win It. 

Each player takes a turn spinning the wheel. When the wheel stops you have 20 Seconds to complete the challenge. The faster you finish, the more points you get. 

Watch the video for a complete walkthrough demo of 20 Second Challenge. 

Take A Chance

Take A Chance

This is one is inspired by the classic chance game, Press Your Luck. Instead of "No Whammies, no whammies", you want to steer clear of Captian Jack. Land on Jack and you lose all your gold. 

Take A Chance accommodates three players per game, games last about 15 minutes. 

There is almost no strategy involved which makes this game perfect for players of all ages. Kids can compete with adults on an even playing ground. 

"I have to ask you, are you going to Take A Chance? Or, are you going to burn somebody?"