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Quiz Show

Quiz Show Demo

Quiz Show Demo

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Add your company or event logo to the show opening. Custom questions can be added to reflect your event, training session, or messaging. 

Quiz Show is a Jeopardy-style game show. 10 players or ten teams can play at the same time. 

Using a web-based app, players' cell phones become buzzers. The first player to buzz in gets to answer the question. Get it right and win points. Get the question wrong and you go back the value of the question. 

Team Play: The first person to buzz in answers for the whole team. 


Participation Count: 2 to 10 players or 2 to 10 teams. Each team can accommodate 2-10 players, so as many as 100 players can participate from anywhere in the world. 

Duration: 60 minutes including welcome, instructions and two rounds of game play. 

Questions: We have a large library of prebuilt question sets. Clients can request general categories for no addiiotnal fee. Custom questions can be developed for an additional fee. 

Gameboards: Each gameboard must consist of five categories with five questions per category. 

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