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Entertainment Experiences

Fusion Games & Entertainment offer a range of corporate entertainment experiences with a special focus on micro-engagement. Reindeer Games, Traveling Game Show, and our mini-game show offer big entertainment in small packages. Sometimes, engaging with just a few guests at a time has the biggest impact on your event.

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Reindeer Games


Traveling Game Show


Game Shows

Reindeer Games
roaming entertainment

The name and costumes change with the season but what always remains the same are 2-3 game hosts wandering your party with a pack full of one-minute challenges and a pocket full gift cards. 

3-5 guests are asked to play a one-minute game for the chance to win a host provided gift card. It's roaming entertainment that engages a few guests at a time so you don't have to stop the party or lower the music for everyone to have some fun!

Traveling Game Shows
Game Shows
absolutely anywhere

A one of a kind mobile game show experience!
We've taken the fun, excitement, and many of the classic game shows you remember and shrunk them down to a footprint small enough to be played absolutely anywhere.

As long as there is room to stand, there is room to play.

A very short list of some of our games:

  • Huge library of trivia 

  • Jeopardy

  • Family Feud

  • The Big Pyramid

  • Take a Chance (think "No Whammies!)

Mini Game Show
less movement, more games

All the excitement of Traveling Game Show but planted in a single spot and dressed up with some sparkle. 

We bring in a large monitor framed with a colorful 'Trivia' facade, a small sound system, large wireless buzzers that sit on slim-profile podiums to make a small space feel like a big game show!



Let us bring Games & Entertainment to your event. 
serving the Greater Seattle/Bellevue area.

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