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Virtual Game Show and Trivia

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

We have been sheltered at home for almost a hundred years but that doesn't mean we can't stay connected. Through Zoom or Teams, we can play fun and engaging games that bring some friendly competition and laughs to your meeting or happy hour.

Virtual Game Shows

Several of our games port to the virtual world quite well. You can find full descriptions of all these games in the Game Blog. Here is a list of our current virtual offerings.

Versus: 2 teams, 2-12 players total.

Quiz Show: 2-10 player or 2-10 teams.

Big Pyramid: 2-4 players, new player each round.

Take A Chance: 3 players, new players each round

Family Feud: 2 teams, 2-12 players total.

20 Second Rule: 4 players. New players each round


We have a large collection of trivia games. Guests see the question within the web meeting interface, Zoom is preferred, but answer the questions through a custom app via phone or tablet. The scoring app tracks scores for individuals or teams, displays the how the group answered collectively, and has a leaderboard! We can even carry over scores from one game to the next, perfect for multi-day events.

Groups up to 100 can play at the standard rate but we can accommodate thousands of players if needed.

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